Carriers are constantly drowning in the dozens of documents that regulate where a truck can travel and what it can haul. PermitsLink makes it easy for carriers to manage, organize, and distribute these documents to drivers to keep their fleet compliant and moving. With 24/7 document access from the PermitsLink mobile app drivers can get the documents they need whenever and wherever.


  • Offline Document Access: Drivers can download the documents they need and access them from anywhere, even without internet access
  • QR Code Generator: Custom QR codes make is easy for a driver to share their documents with law enforcement
  • Easy Document Uploads: Carriers can effortlessly upload thousands of documents in an instant
  • Document Organization: Quickly find the documents you need, with the advanced search criteria
  • Mobile Document Access: Download the app directly from the Google Play or App Store
  • Easily Share Documents: Fax, print or share documents directly from the mobile app
  • Expiration Notification: Get notified if you have a permit expiring to keep your fleet compliant
  • Send Requests: Allow drivers to send requests for the documents they need directly from the PermitsLink app

To see PermitsLink in action:

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